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In this solution, the SI master unit is connected to a serial-to-Bluetooth converter and the mobile phone receives the punch information via Bluetooth and sends it over GPRS to a server on the internet. Let me know if this gets you somewhere. Popular ratings are W and W. If you would like an edited version or a new file added send it to. The synchronisation takes about 2 seconds and completion is signalled by a double bleep. The ROC blog has recommendations on what and where to buy and how to connect things. The clocks in all the equipment drifts over time and needs to be checked prior to a major event to ensure that the clocks in all the computers and controls, start, finish etc.

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Programing in Competition sportident usb ie to switch on and off the station at preprogrammed times is possible but is not recommended.

Secondly are you trying this with the MAC running a windows program?

A wportident above the tables in the manual sportident usb one should do a single button press to select bauds, but the table says the button should be pressed five times. Though I had to use the coupling stick sportjdent maybe I had to change the baud rate setting as well.

These programs are normally installed in C: There are some details that could perhaps be better documented and easier sportident usb troubleshoot, but for the cost of free it is hard to complain about the software. Apr 19, 5: Press sportident usb button 3 times.

SPORTident USB-Driver Free Driver Download () –

This made me try to press the button three instead of six times comes two steps after in the table and after this, the printer started working at ! We then went back to the previous event ID in the configuration interface and after a few restarts the ROC started relaying punches again. Pretty hard to beat.

This process is sensitive to the exact coupling geometry so it sportident usb be necessary to realign the stations slightly if the station fails to program. I know it would be easier with the USB master, but we need the serial master because we’re running the timing on a Mac using OR software.

Printer is off Hold down the button for a few seconds until the LED starts flashing. After maybe 15 minutes something odd happened however. I still have no idea why the ROC worked intermittently during the Sunday event. Note that the equipment and software can now handle 4 to 7 digit SI cards.

The clocks can be easily resynchronized using a Time Master station or by reprogramming. This time is reset with each punch so the station sportident usb switches to standby sportident usb one hour after the last punch of the event. The real time clocks in the stations are very accurate and drift by less than 1 second per week between themselves and also versus an internet clock.

Apr 19, 8: Sportident usb you will need to go into Entries and then edit each one with any data missing. This has worked sportident usb for a few years, but for some reason it started printing garbage and I was asked to have sportident usb look at it. Sportident usb 18, processing time: Then couple the Time Master face to face with each of the stations in turn using a coupling rod.

Don’t forget that at the top right of every sportident usb in AutoDownload is a Help link, this is context aware, meaning that you will get help for the page you are actually using at the time.

Or perhaps not since I think the PIN code was hidden under a scratch-off layer, so maybe it was 3 that had screwed up somehow?

Press the button 4 times. With the sportident usb RS technology, it can’t tell you where you’ve plugged it in. For Connacht or Ulster events, use whichever is sportident usb convenient.

SPORTident USB-Driver Free Driver Download

Always have your equipment fully charges before an event. This was most certainly not necessary.

After this, I still had some sportident usb issues and I suspected that my USB-to-serial converter with a Prolific chip was not supported. But if you sportidennt them up in advance sportident usb is sportiident recommended practice you need to work out the maximum time from then to the first competitor getting to the control. Home orienteering adventure racing Training browse logs injury archive paces Racing events add events splits upload results rankings running Discussion orienteering from events from splits Community groups t-shirts Donate donate now features.

This is not giving any solutions, sportident usb I have tried this exact combination without success, i.