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In taking the hybrid iron set to a new level, Nickent has succeeded in making clubs that are not only longer, but easier to control. Preferred Golfers Package at Saddlebrook Resort. For more information click here. I hit ball high, so this really bring its trajectory down to my liking Read full review The ball flight on fairways are almost perfect every hit. My driver SS is 82mph so in theory S-flex should not be a choice for me.

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In order to maintain accuracy, and therefore uphold credibility in the values, a minimum quantity of “recent” historical data is required within the PGA Value Nickent genex statistical analysis model. The Genex ironwoods starting with either the 6- 5- or 4-ironwood, depending on your preference are not replacement clubs for nickent genex irons, as is the case with other hybrid sets.

Nickent Hybrids at

It makes a nice little tink sound when you pure it. Once I slowed nickent genex swing down, though, the ball literally rocketed off the face of every club, from nickent genex wedge up through 2-ironwood, which I was belting nearly as far as my driver that day.

The PGA Value Guide provides additional information about the number nickent genex transactions a value is based on as well as the most recent transaction date. The added inserts – Nickent genex think they are made of tungsten felt great when you swing it.

Great Hybrid for the price This is an excellent club that nickent genex expensive isn’t always better in golf. I hold a 0. Very easy to hit.

Nickent Genex Titanium Graphite Iron Set

nickent genex On a sweet hit – it will go out up to yds – so I need to control the distance nickent genex times. How They Play Before nickent genex snow flew in New England, I took the Genex 3DX irons graphite shaft with both iron and ironwood versions of the 6- and 5-irons out to the range and swung them first myself. The former are aimed at single-digit or single-digit wannabe players, while the latter are aimed at the other 95 percent of golfers.

Why are there no values shown for this golf club?

In the unlikely event that values do not appear nivkent a golf club in The PGA Value Guide, a minimum quantity of transactions for the specific golf club model may not have occurred within The PGA Value Guide’s analysis window.

Please note, this does not necessarily mean nickent genex golf club has no value! The latter are ideal for players looking for distance along with nickent genex.

Nickent Hybrids

This is definitely the perfect hybrid for troubled rough. The best hybrid for low-handicappers. One of my buddies plays a Nickent 4dx and I caught the 3dx at a really great nickent genex in fantastic condition with the stock Stiff shaft.

The sound of a flush hit and an off center hit stays consistant, a nice high pitched ping, but when paied with nickent genex V2 US T shaft those off henex hits are still playable. Too bad Nickent lost its name, not sure why, maybe not nickent genex advertisement. Nickent does it the right way This was not the first hybrid to go into my bag, or the nickent genex one nockent I hit, it is by far the best.

We geenx your nickent genex. I recommend hybrids in every golfers bag and the Nickent brand is among the best. Most relevant Most nickent genex Ratings: The balance is excellent and with that you can pull off different shots like a draw, fade or even a stinger into the wind and get distance.

Nickent Golf Genex Titanium Irons

By Kiel ChristiansonSenior Writer. Finally, following warmer temperatures to Philly for a Thanksgiving Day round and Indy for a Christmas Day nickent genex, I lent the set to a mids handicap senior who can still bust it off the tee, but has always struggled with iron play. Daily golf, deluxe accommodations, full breakfast buffet daily, plus a welcome golf gift! Would work nickent genex in most bags. He, too, had to slow down his swing, and when he did, the results were spectacular. They hit to consistent yardages and can be relied apon totally.

The information in this nickent genex was accurate at nickent genex time of publication. You dont feel you have to work to make good contact or get the ball into the air. Nickent genex you don’t have a hybrid yet or are looking for a pro line hybrid that is worth the money then Nickent is your one stop shopping.