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Choose a filename for your backup. The thread can be located here You may also like to read the modified firmware thread started by rdgrimes and maintained by wesociety and can be found here. In the case of a modified firmware you will need a flash application. These reviews are highly recommended reading, even if you already own the subject drive! Please make sure you read the instructions carefully. For an overview of different NEC firmwares including tables of supported media and write speeds, you can check out this thread started and maintained by Liggy. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.

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Is burn speed at maximum for all media? Some online stores add extra letters onto the end of the model name to signify different options such as color and bulk version, but the hardware is exactly the same! An overview ddvd burn speeds and supported media can be found here. Yes there is, just grab the 2. Nfc is the approximate burn time at different burn speeds for a full disc?

All you nec dvd rw nd 6100a to do is load the firmware you want to change to into Binflash and you can flash your drive with any firmware you wish.

_NEC DVD+RW ND-6100A Firmware 104D download

New firmwares official and unofficial are released more or less frequently. This could be simply flashing an OEM firmware onto a drive.

The resellers purchase the drives in bulk, not nec dvd rw nd 6100a accessories helps keep costs down. Something went wrong during my firmware flash, can I recover my drive? I’m obviously wanting to fix this, so I’m hoping that someone can direct me to the right firmware once and for all.

I have just flashed my with the Liggy 2. I have some problem here. BIN But to be honest, I didn’t know if the cd drive was a secondary master or not.

Click here for a list of approximate burn times. No, the hardware is completely different. Check the NEC forum for details on specific firmware versions rww their bitsetting capabilities.

After the I think it was a big fault I tiried this slave thing and flashed the Liggy’s 4. The list below lists the latest firmwares for the various NEC drives.

Can NEC drives burn media faster than its rated speed? Liggy’s Binflash should prevent you from flashing the wrong master or slave nec dvd rw nd 6100a to a drive with the opposite bootcode. Yes there are a good range of tools available for use with you’re NEC drive.

Another great resource of firmwares can be found at the rpc1. Any unofficial firmware that is not provided by the manufacturer will void your warranty!

NEC DVD+RW NDA – Dell Community

How are these media speedups achieved? This system is also used to grade media and determine if the burn should continue at a faster speed or slowed down to preserve burn quality. How do I flash my NEC drive? Then I downloaded the D dell version and unzipped it. Windows Registry Editor Version 5. In all cases your burning application will allow you to select the fastest nec dvd rw nd 6100a speed for any particular media. A dialog will appear with some info, click on YES if you wish to continue the flash.

Backup was created just fine. Why would I want a modified firmware? It took me a while to realise what the problem was – I kept on buying different brands TDK, Sony, Verbatim thinking it was just crappy media, but it was because they were nec dvd rw nd 6100a rated at 16x.

I am using DVDinfoPro to change booktype: In this case your drive might not be functional at all!