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How does this make you feel? Before I upgraded my PC from w8 to w10 I had manually disabled many services myself to optimise for audio but this was always a bit of a lotte… Stuart Hubbard. J For your information: It has worked miraculously and I have f…. View Cart Continue Shopping.

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Power supply with conventional m audio fast track usb asio transformer no switching power supply 2. It makes a VERY noticeable improvement in both studio asioo. Hello Keetakawee, I had to email you to say a big thanks after spending a few hours listening with only Fidelizer pro on the Audio PC it is without doubt he best my music setup has sounded.

Hi Windows X, Much thanks the Programm work and it s absolutely grest!!

Hi, Thanks for sending, sounds fantastic, I love it! I just about gave up on computer audio trying for 2yrs to get it right music from my system has just trafk to life compared to before.

First … Felix Schumpelick. Also, no need to look for an outlet, m audio fast track usb asio Key Rig feeds from the computerThat’s the best thing about this product; simplicity.

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 USB Interface

A lower noise floor, noticeable increase in focus and soundstaging, and a warmer, less analyti…. This comment was removed on Your software is fantastic! Then “save settings for this program,” close that all out, and reinstall the driver. It was easy to set up, as well. Need it now but short of cash? I have had this driver work in recording but is unstable compared to 6. Damien Garrido April 10, I run many audio systems both Windows and OS X based in my listenin….

The list just m audio fast track usb asio on and on. While our competitors might offer house credit cards that require you to fill out an application and pass a credit check, our payment plans are easy to get, simple to use, and, best of all, accrue zero interest.

Hi Keetakawee I am very impressed with yours software. But do not always listen to music aso hi-res File I autonomous Fidelizer Pro worth it. Included Nelly FurtadoThe Ride Tap Dancing and not learned a thing appeared pensive beautiful floating bass in chorus. I wish you a long…. Join our free rewards program.

Fidelizer Upgrade Program | 01

Displaying reviews Back to top. It is work very well with Jplay.

Windows X, I installed your software on my dedicated audio player. I honestly sit here with a tear dripping down my cheek lis…. Many thanks for uxb quick and efficient service.

They have twice sent me “updates” that cause sounds on the computer, but doesn’t work with Sibelius. Thank you very much! I will report t… Hamilton. Fidelizer has definitely made my system sound much more three-dimensional.

Effect with Fidelizer Pro Space picture broader and deeper Resolution is better All together very realistic reproduction.

Fidelizer Upgrade Program

If you are looking for an inexpensive,simple controllerlook no further! Very enjoyable, thanks Kevin Giblin. I would like to give a little feedback. Straight USB converters are only as good as the soundcard in them. Some USB devices lose their settings as soon as the comuter is being switched off.

Like I said, I don’t know how I got by without it and I’d be lost without it. It’s cheaply built, and is quite easy to break It’s great I am playing it using fidelify. I admit I was skeptical, but a friend convinced me to try out the Pro version. It makes me enjoy the music for itself, never mind the m audio fast track usb asio thing. The sound becomes more dynamic, you can better hear small details and all in all gast is a more musically involving experience.

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Guitar Effects M audio fast track usb asio Guide. There is a slight latency that does not go away even after using asio4all,and behringer’s downloads too.

Your software is very wonderful. Expected to get a more stable signal chain, what it does. Thank you for a great software. Hello Keetakawee, Improvements after installation of Your program are significant and more audible compare to AO 2.

I purchased Fidelizer two the other day. Ask me a question. I cannot thank you enough for making this software, I downloaded your software to my computer this morning and started listening audo my some of my aiso recordings.