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StretchRectangle wil resize the screencapture. With D3D9 debug layer being used and the debug output level set to high and with maximum validation the thread still freezes at CreateDevice. I suggest downloading the up to date project from GitHub instead. VTable is a mechanism used in a programming language to support dynamic dispatch or run-time method binding. The provided solution here was implemented using this method after having already completed an example using the first approach.

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Perhaps I need to look idirect3d9 createdevice failed try updating your video some specific api calls which are a signiture of different directx versions? Preferably something I can get a demo copy of How would I find out what version of Directx an external process is using? My final implementation uses the later as it is the simpler and more effective approach for my needs.

This post was really helpfull. To get the device reference you might need to experiment with which other D3D methods are being called more regularly and hook one of them. I read the code these days and now I have a new question. It starts in DllMain and afterwards t goes straight to the function where it gets the address of the VMTable.

C# – Screen capture with Direct3D 9 API Hooks – Spazzarama

Thanks for your help. To retrieve each of the function addresses requires idirect3d9 createdevice failed try updating your video you know the order of the functions in the class see d3d9. Is there an easier way to deal with that? That seems like it adds a lot of complication to the install when the hook is released.

I delete everything and recompile the code from the very beginning, everything back to normal now but I wonder if there would be the same problem tomorrow.

Function hooking is implemented by changing the very first few code updatint of the target function to jump to an injected [piece of] code.

Did you mean the EasyHook.

C# – Screen capture with Direct3D 9 API Hooks

You need to have the EasyHook binaries within the same directory as your applications executable see the attached solutions bin directory. My guess is that the native code that creates a temporary window and then destroys it could be the problem. Check if it gets into the Run method of the injected assembly or not…. I can use this code for my Ambilight program.

Can you say me, how Idirect3d9 createdevice failed try updating your video can use this example to draw something in the game with D3D? Can this be used to capture the video from Skype?

I have now a capture from Windows Media Center. I have very little directx experience unfortunately.

CreateDevice Method it says pretty interresting things about hFocusWindow parameter: From my side, injected dll crash when hooked app createdfvice fullscreen. This supports the inheritance hierarchy whereby a virtual function points to different implementations for each idirect3d9 createdevice failed try updating your video http: Thanks for your time and I would love to hear any thoughts you have on this.

EasyHook has a handy method for doing this at runtime if your host application is running as an Administrator, e. I just compiled the project with no changes and it works well in the first day but crashes in the second day, that made me crazy! Also idirect3d9 createdevice failed try updating your video you do not need the full resolution, Gerrit has posted a link to a solution he derived from this that uses device. Because it is in the GAC I find it is a little difficult to get debugging at times.

Any idea how to fix this? Initializes the device data. Thanks for your reply. Thanks for your answer. Updaging will need to download the sample linked at the bottom of the article. Take a look here: I have spent some time trying to get this right so please leave a comment if you can think of any improvements or have any other feedback. This is for capture the screen for games with AA on.

Hi Justin, Thanks for your answer. The user defined managed entry point failed in the target process. Also what version of Windows are you running? Hey Threk, As I think you have already found, take idirect3d9 createdevice failed try updating your video look at http: I got a bug that I need to ask about tho. But what I have tried so far. Ok so putting that in the same directory would work then? The dll is injected. Looks like VTable is not available, or something like that when target game is fullscreened.

StretchRectangle — a smaller surface means less data to copy from video memory to system memory which will speed things up. When i press inject, it waits intil target is in foreground, then, and idieect3d9 then, vailed calls inject.

Hi Frank, no this will only work for directx 9 applications. We also need to create the client assembly that will be injected into the target application, all with the help of EasyHook. Hwnd no good: Thanks for the quick reply. Hi Thank you for your great article!

Handle ALL your exceptions and cleanup idirect3d9 createdevice failed try updating your video yourself.