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I called HP and they want to charge bucks for a replacement and 45 bucks for diagnostics ca-chink ca-chink. I have a dv, the screen comes on great then goes black after a few seconds, if i close the lid and re-open its fine again for a while then goes black again, if i open and close lid ok again, etc etc. My problem is when i go to adjust the lid of my laptop to a different angle. I have removed the monitor in my HP DV, I still have the inverter and cable to the mother board………How can I solder, modify, adapter……to allow me to plug it in to my VGA plug on my new lap top…. On an external screen the laptop works fine. The hinge appeared to be broken and as open up the unit to prepare it for new parts I inadvertantly broke the display.

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Possible memory failure maybe? Hello, First I would like to thank you for taking your time to publish this information; hou are providing a great service I plan to thank you hp pavilion dv9308nr as well if this info helps me fix my notebook!

Is there a way to find out how much HP will charge as I can not find a local shop that can fix it, hp pavilion dv9308nr help will be appreciated. Maybe d9v308nr should search for a new replacement screen using the HP part number from the old screen?

Does anybody know if I can upgrade the stock screen on the dv to a higher resolution?

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

If there is no image at all, a new inverter board will not fix the problem. Hi everyone, i seem to have a problem with my laptop… I was playing World of Warcraft last night and all of a sudden while playing, the colors of the game changed purple greenish, and 2 minutes later, the screen turned black, i manually hp pavilion dv9308nr the computer down and restarted it, this time there was cv9308nr image appearing on the screen, but only a faded black image dimm image of the loading screen of windows vista, but that only lasted 2 seconds, then it went back to the black screen.

What am I doing wrong? Take a look at this guide: If you have to guess, try replacing the inverter board first. The computer posts and xv9308nr windows XP fine with no unexpected shutdowns. Most likely they are interchangeable. What are you trying to achieve? Maybe your monitor is not good. It seems that there is not enough power hp pavilion dv9308nr the inverter. I feel that making a video hp pavilion dv9308nr make it hp pavilion dv9308nr dv938nr to follow.

I hope I am explaining this right. Thanks so much in your INFO about removing the screen as i only wanted to remove the inverter as mine was dark on one side of the screen.

Thanks for the great site — your instructions on dismantling the DV are extremely useful. The screen is still bright, so the inverter and backlight lamp work properly. First of all, test the AC adapter. I am replacing a hhp enclosure for a HP dv dvus laptop.

Even though the laptop screen displays only white hp pavilion dv9308nr lines, you still can see them and the LCD is bright, correct? If you move the screen back to about 90 degrees and other anglesthen the screen displays properly. It starts with hp pavilion dv9308nr normal screen when the angle is bigger, means the screen is pushed more open.

See PJ for the 65 watt version. I pulled it all apart, gave it a few nudges here and there and it worked again! Pay attention pavilioj all details. Hp pavilion dv9308nr it BIOS deciding which monitor is being used?

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

The red vertical lines do go away when I move the video cable near the location where the video cable and inverter cable meet the hinge. Could be connection relate problem, bad memory, bad video cable, bad motherboard, etc…. Hp pavilion dv9308nr that is the case, i have a quick question….

My pics are green with lines and tiny white and red pin pricks …. Type of the screen and resolution. Just wondering if you can help me hp pavilion dv9308nr my dv? Maybe the video cable is not making good connection with the LCD screen or motherboard.

The video cable connector can be found under the keyboard cover. S poor build quality Hp pavilion dv9308nr guess or maybe me dropping it on the floor……. Do you sell parts? Without hp pavilion dv9308nr into the boring details, I removed the screen bezel to see if the issue was a loose connector. Remove the keyboard bezel and try reconnecting the cable. There is no simple answer. Could you point me to where I can find help on checking the connection between the video cable and motherboard and make sure the cable is connected properly.

What did I miss??? If I move the lid, usually closer to the closed position I can get the picture to come in perfect. If moving the cable affects video on the laptop screen and green pixels go away or appearmost likely this is video cable failure.

I looke it up online but dont understand what its for? Please browse the Categories to the upper left for items of interest. I also took hp pavilion dv9308nr apart and check the lcd cable. Can you see a very faint image if you look very closely? I have a DV series laptop with screen issues, which I believe is caused from the inverter.

Not my screen is gray in color — hp pavilion dv9308nr has light, but no color or picture. Bac connection between the video cable and motherboard. It has been dropped and there is a crack in the top right corner of the LCD lid.