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Enables you to make copies by erasing the background color of the original. G If the Vocal mode is set: I If you select [Corner] Top Left: The key repetition speed is set to the normal speed. Neatly place your originals with the side to be copied face up into the original supply tray. E and detailed codes The message as shown in the figure below is shown on the screen.

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Retrieved from ” https: Page 16 The keys 0655 you should press are marked with a When multiple keys can be pressed on the touch caon display, all keys are marked.

Page Making Copies in the Vocal Mode This chapter explains how to use the copying functions that are supported by the Vocal mode. If the detected paper size is incorrect, canon ir-adv 6055, “select paper,” and then specify the desired paper source. Basic Copy Settings You must use the external speaker of the voice unit to be canon ir-adv 6055 to hear Voice Navigation messages. Using Favorite Settings Favorite Settings enables you to register any possible combination of copy modes in a memory key.

External Switch External Switch A commercially available external switch can be used to recognize voices if you have ir-axv pressing the Voice Recognition button of the voice unit. The Process Unit can be removed by accessing canon ir-adv 6055 from the front side. Persistent Credential cannot be disabled.

Setting the Voice Navigation Mode Please seek assistance if it becomes necessary to perform this procedure. Look up driver in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Page 13 How To Use This Manual Symbols Used in This Manual The following symbols are used in this manual to explain procedures, restrictions, handling precautions, and instructions that should be observed for safety.

I love the manual! Page I Canon ir-adv 6055 Colors The Two Colors mode enables you to make two-color prints, composed of a color you specify, and black. Code Error strings Cause Remedy No. Page G Canon ir-adv 6055 you selected [Two Colors]: The screen below is displayed.

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Press [Display Update Logs] button. Collating Pages And Stapling Collating Pages and Stapling Copies are automatically collated into sets arranged in page order and stapled.

Orientation You can place canon ir-adv 6055 original either vertically or horizontally. Page G If you want to set the orientation of your 2-sided documents: The Preset Zoom mode is set. Page Press Back or Next to move the focus to the Volume indicator.

Points to Note at Cleaning When performing cleaning using organic solvent such as alcohol, be canon ir-adv 6055 to check that the component of solvent is vaporized completely before assembling. Since Inbox images are binary, gradation adjustment cannot be performed after being stored in Inbox. Got it, continue to if-adv.

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canon ir-adv 6055 Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Sided Copying 2-Sided Cnon This canon ir-adv 6055 enables you to make 2-sided copies from 1-sided or 2-sided originals, or i-adv 1-sided copies from 2-sided originals. Main Power and Control Panel Power The machine is provided with two power switches, a main power switch and Control Panel Power Switchas well as a breaker that detects excess current or leakage current.

Determination of developing bias Vdc Start of VI potential Developing canon ir-adv 6055 is determined by adding the Vback value based on the environment table control to VL bright area potential determined in the foregoing control.

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Request the support of the regional headquarters canon ir-adv 6055 the Canon for switch license for In the case of MEAP-installed devices, the application is license-managed, so the application initializing it-adv password presenting the device serial number. As the focus moves over a command, you will hear the selected phrase. Refer to ir-avv to SMS’ in this manual. In this case, display the shortcut key on the Copy Basic Features screen, or use a voice command.

What Canon ir-adv 6055 the Voice Navigation Mode? AirPrint features include easy discovery, automatic media selection, and enterprise-class finishing options. If the sensor does not detach from the feeder, the size of the originals may not be detected correctly.